Zumo Blend

by Yahava

Tasting Notes





About this Coffee

A Mellow Blend of Brazilian, Rwandan and Sumatran Coffee with a Silky, Smooth Taste

We have travelled the entire length of the global coffee belt to create a coffee we call “the juice”. Three continents; Africa, Asia and America are separated by vast tracts of sea; the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. While coffee originated from a common African ancestry, cultivars took root in many different parts of the world. They grew in different soils, contrasting climates and were processed using diverse methods. Some were renowned for their smooth body, some for their zesty brightness while others release a cacophony of flavour. Zumo is a clever international alliance that blends the very best characteristics of each coffee. Nowhere in the world will you find a coffee such as this because Zumo is a truly global brew.

When continents collide, Brazilian, Rwandan and Sumatran coffee beans are blended to create this distinctively silky brew. Black or white the taste is smooth.

South American coffee beans are world acclaimed; add to these the bright fruity sweetness of East African and Indonesian Arabica Coffee Beans, and you have “the juice”. Floral, blueberry notes combine with silky body and sweet notes of caramel and toffee to produces a coffee that almost bounces out of any brew method, with or without milk.