Zenith Summer Blend

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About this Coffee

A medium roast that shines equally bright whether enjoyed hot, served over ice, or cold brewed, with notes of sweet caramel, cocoa, and cherry cola.

When the summer is at its hottest—and the sun is at its zenith—nothing quenches thirst like a cold brew, its tall glass beaded with condensation. Aromatic sweet caramel notes hitting you before your lips touch. Bright and refreshing, with just the right acidity to make your mouth water for more—and with enough flavor that ice won’t weaken it. Zenith Summer Blend is sweet and smooth, juicy and balanced, a medium roast crafted to be just as easily enjoyed brewed hot as it is cold brewed. Or even brewed hot then poured over ice. Perfect summer vibes, no matter how you brew it.

As Bay Area natives—and masters of the art of coffee blending—Peet’s knows that a summer blend coffee should be as relaxed and flexible as the season itself. Just as we know how to layer for cool mornings, blazing middays, and foggy evenings, we know how to blend a coffee that’s perfect for any weather summer might offer, for any mood and craving, and for any brew style. Guatemala’s sweet chocolate-caramel notes are at the forefront when Zenith Summer Blend is cold brewed, and at the finish when brewed hot or served on ice. New Guinea gives the blend some heft whichever way you brew it, balancing out the juicy cherry cola flavor of a washed Rwanda, for a cup (or glass) that’s complex, but not complicated. It’s summertime…and the sipping is easy.