by Yahava

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About this Coffee

Quattro Coffee is a Bold Blend of Italian Dark Roasts Colombian, Ethiopian, Indian and Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans with a Hint of Molto Gusto

The oldest café in Europe is in Venice; the city of the gondola. It is the Caffe Florian and it has been serving coffee continuously since 1720. Coffee in this extraordinary city is more than just a drink, it is a religion. So much so that coffee is more often drunk standing at a bar; a common morning ritual. Italians love their coffee dark and rich and Quattro is fashioned accordingly. This is our most Italian of coffees and one any Venetian could mistakenly lay claim to. Quattro is bold, pitch black, gutsy, rich and flavoursome. It is more than a coffee, it is a tradition.

Influenced by the tradition of Italian dark roasts, Colombian, Ethiopian, Indian and Papua New Guinean coffee beans are blended together to create this great coffee.

Quattro coffee produces a brew with ‘molto gusto’ or much flavour. This darker style roast is best brewed through an espresso machine to create a bold black or a tasty white coffee.