Whole Bean Arabica Selection Ethiopia

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About this Coffee

Caramel Notes, Intense. With an equilibrium of acidity and bitterness, the taste is characterized by the unmistakable notes of caramel and dried fruit. illy Arabica Selection whole coffee beans lets you take care of every detail, down to your favourite grind.

A special coffee with a mild, delicate aroma and a unique perfume with distinctive floral notes of jasmine and a hint of citrus fruit.

Each Arabica Selection has it’s own unique roasting temperature and length of time to highlight each origin’s aroma and flavour.

Explore the origins of illy coffee.
We’ve perfected the roast of each single origin, or ingredient, found in our signature illy blend. The distinct roast enhances the different flavours of each Arabica: the floral notes from Ethiopia, chocolate notes from Guatemala, caramel from Brazil, fruity notes from Colombia, spice notes from India and honey notes from Costa Rica.
Because happiness is savoring the taste right from its origins.