Revelation Signature Espresso





About this Coffee

Our signature espresso coffee. Makes a phenomenal rich espresso with a caramel finish.

Our most popular espresso coffee, a bold one – with hints of chocolate and treacle. Dark-roasted for a rich caramel finish, without bitterness. A complex blend of coffees from family farmers in Guatemala, Rwanda, Burundi, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Round and full body. As filter, enjoy dark chocolate and gentle cherry notes.

We are the home of fresh coffee. When you order online, your coffee is roasted fresh to order, especially for you. Plus, it’s speciality grade and traded ethically through Union Direct Trade.

Revelation Blend is created by blending coffees with specific flavour profiles, to create the rich, smooth, chocolatey flavour it is known for. Our blend includes coffees from Guatemala, Rwanda, Burundi, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Throughout the year, the specific farms and origins will change to maintain freshness and consistency in the flavour profile.