The Daily Blend





About this Coffee

The Daily Blend is perfect for morning, noon and night. Balanced and smooth, it’s great brewed as an espresso or filter. A versatile craft coffee blend for all-day drinking.

This is our reimagining of the traditional classic coffee. Thick bodied with a low acidity and clean finish, this is the blend you’ll find us brewing at home and enjoying in Caravan Restaurants.

The Daily Blend’s flavour profile is crafted with approachability and versatility in mind, created for all-day drinking and for perfect expression in milk. To achieve this, our Head of Coffee selects fresh, in-season lots from around the globe, combining their unique flavour elements to construct the Daily’s signature profile of dark chocolate, chewy praline, and warm spices. Before it winds up in your cup, each component is rigorously tested through a series of blind tasting sessions, where our buyers, roasters, and quality control team ensure that consistency and quality meet our exacting standards for a delicious brew.

Our current version of Daily Blend features coffees from two of our strongest partnerships: the Risaralda Producer Groups in Colombia and the COCARIVE Cooperative in Brazil. Both coffees were selected for their sweetness, body and ease of use as an espresso.