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About this Coffee

Rich, dark speciality coffee blend from Brazil & Peru.

A sumptuous blend of South American coffees from two of the regions star origins, creating a rich, dark coffee. Fazenda Cachoeirinha in Brazil is famed for embracing new growing and processing techniques and their beans bring dark chocolate and hazelnut notes to this blend. The accompanying Peruvian coffee from Coop Aprocassi has a deep sweetness, developing caramel notes in the final blend. As a social enterprise Coop Aprocassi is committed to growing farmer incomes through education and sustainable farming practices.

Producers: Paolo Flora – Fazenda Cachoeirinha & Coop Aprocassi

Altitude: 1,200-1,800 MASL

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, hazelnut & caramel

Process: Natural & Washed