Sweetshop Seasonal Espresso

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About this Coffee

The idea behind our Sweetshop blend is simple: combine sweet and characterful coffee to create a fun, wildly complex and fruit-driven espresso.

This isn’t about balance and it certainly isn’t about tradition. This is about cramming as much fruit and fun into the cup as possible. We want an espresso that doesn’t taste like anything else.

Right on time to welcome in Spring, this next iteration of Sweetshop is quite something. Firstly. It feels like an eternity since we had a Kenyan component as part of the blend, and secondly, Kenya + Peru = Sweetshop heaven!

For most of us, seasonal Kenyan coffee follows the rhythm of main crop harvests and late summer releases typically jampacked with juicy notes of blackcurrant. Well, surprise! Here, to show us that there is no such thing as a typical Kenyan, we’ve teamed up with Vava Coffees to bring you Kiungu! A zippy, fresh, tasty cup buzzing with delight, Kiungu tastes like Spring in full bloom – the perfect fit for La Perla from Peru!

A community blend, La Perla is one of two concept coffees we sourced through the Norcafe Cooperative. A group of 10 producers, La Perla, forms part of Norcafe’s Café Mujer project that works specifically with women to improve their earnings based on cup quality through training and optimised farming practices. Big on texture and complexity, La Perla brings all the bass needed to amplify the high notes of Kiungu and bounce this Kenya, Peru blend to the top of the Sweetshop pops!