Rwanda Buki

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About this Coffee

Much like how great wineries can transform grapes from the same vineyard into remarkably different wines, great coffee mills can do the same to coffee cherries. Jean Paul created the Liza mill, named after his daughter, and like a great wine maker he produces different lots there by carefully processing the coffee cherries in unique ways.

This lot is part of a series of his coffees we are releasing, all named for the mills named after his children. For our second release we are happy to share the honey processed Buki for which the coffee cherries are picked and pulped, then dried in the sun. The result is a flavour that sits somewhere between a washed and a natural coffee, with a vibrant, fruity quality and a calm acidity.

This series from Jean Paul explores a host of different processes, but all using coffee from one lot of cherries. We hope this will show just how a mill can transform and change a coffee, and shine a light on how exciting and talented people like Jean Paul are in the coffee world. After all, a coffee producer does more than just grow coffee – they actually span many roles within the coffee chain.