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About this Coffee

One of our longest sourcing relationships is with Planalto, and it’s grown a lot since we first started with Sergio and Mariza.

We’ve worked well with the Mantovanini family at the Planalto estate for years for good reason – not only do they create fantastic speciality coffee, but they’re passionate about social welfare and the environment, too. They strictly preserve 350 acres of forest on the estate, recycle coffee pulp as a nutrient and pay every employee above the regional average.

Winners of a Great Taste award, Sergio and Mariza have a lot to be proud of. We asked them what coffee means to them, and how important their staff are to the process:

“Coffee is a passion. Passion for production. It makes me proud to know we’re doing our best. And a lot of that is thanks to our team of farm workers. To show this, we provide housing to all resident workers with access to water and waste services. Education is also provided and wages are above regional standards. A doctor is available to assist the employees and families, and every two weeks an agent of the public health service visits the farm.”