Peru Joyser Ramirez Lot 1

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About this Coffee

Joyser has been growing coffee on El Chirimoyo for a decade and is one of 100,000 coffee farmers situated on the eastern slopes of the Andes mountain range. Conditions in Cajamarca are ideal for growing coffee, though Peru faces significant challenges in getting high quality produce to the right people.

Historically poor infrastructure, decades-long political instability, volatile market prices and chronic lack of access to sincere buyers have heavily impacted Peruvian coffee farmers.

But there is hope. Recent years have seen the creation of a number of supportive non-government organisations and producer co-operative groups – providing greater stability, technical support and in-depth training. It is estimated that a quarter of Peru’s coffee farmers are now members of a co-op, including Joyser Ramirez.

Producer — Joyser Ramirez
Region — Huabal, Jaen, Cajamarca, northern Peru
Varietal — Catuai
Terroir — 1600 masl, semi-tropical climate, loamy sandy soil
Process — Natural
Tastes like
Dark rum + Red berries + Viscous