House Espresso

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About this Coffee

The perfect entry into speciality coffee. 100% speciality grade and undeniably delicious, at an incredible price.

This coffee is sourced from the same regions and in some cases the same farms that you find on our Select plan. It goes through the same standards of green coffee sorting, with one exception; we buy slightly smaller beans which we can’t include in the Select plan because they bring inconsistencies to the roast and taste profiles. These beans are grouped and blended to achieve a consistently high quality in their taste and flavour profile and enable us to pay a higher price for more of each farm’s total production.

We’re really proud of the wide variety of coffees we offer – from fruity Colombians to tea-like Ethiopians, and everything in-between. But if you’re looking for a coffee that tastes familiar (but much, much better), then House is a good place to start. Dark roasted, milk chocolate notes, a mild acidity – it’s reminiscent of what you’ve already been drinking, but just of a significantly higher quality. We’re sure you’ll love it. We definitely do.