Muhondo Rwanda Espresso

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About this Coffee

A first-time showcase, we’re super thrilled to present Muhondo from Rwanda. Right on time to usher us into Spring, expect a tasty delight with loads of fruitiness wrapped in a toffee sweetness.

Say hello to your new favourite espresso, the nectarous delight Muhondo. The second Rwandan espresso of the season, get ready to lose yourself in big sugary sweetness made perfect by its fresh fruity complexity and syrupy texture. Located in the Gakenke district of Rwanda’s Northern province, Muhondo Coffee Company operates three washing stations: Muhondo and Bukonya in Gakenke and Bwisige in the Gicumbi district. Working with over 3,200 smallholder farmers, these washing stations are key community resources – creating employment for women and youth while empowering farmers with equipment, micro-finance loans and clean water supplies. Servicing 1215 local producers, Muhondo Washing Station delivers on all those bright-fruity flavours the top Rwandan coffees are celebrated for. Lush with fruity accents that shine through as the coffee cools, we can’t wait to make Muhondo home for the next few weeks.