La Montana

by Yahava

Tasting Notes





About this Coffee

A Single Origin, Mellow Coffee with Notes of Citrus, Bright Plum and a Dash of Honey

The Sierra de las Minas mountains extend all the way to Mexico and are considered the best-preserved example of ‘cloud forest’ in Mesoamerica. The isolation of these mountains has created a ‘genetic evolution island’ where 21 species of birds are endemic. The Sierra de las Minas has forged rare and special biospheres and La Montana (The Mountain) celebrates a coffee grown in one of the world’s most beautiful cloud forests. This is indeed a toast to the forests.

From the highland jungles of Guatemala comes La Montana; a coffee that pulsates with colourful energy. Savour the bright plum and citrus notes with a finish of wild honey.

These high altitude coffee beans exude distinctive flavours and this coffee; grown on the jungle slopes of Sierra de las Minas, prove the rule. High humidity and a predominance of pine trees create a distinctly new type of coffee flavour that is intensified by a temperature-controlled fermentation process uninterrupted by the cooling of the night air. The result is a sweeter and brighter-tasting coffee.