Kisinga Natural

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About this Coffee

A return to an origin not often featured in the CCR lineup, this coffee hails from the Kisinga washing station in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. High altitudes, fertile soils & plentiful rainfall make this an ideal location for growing high quality coffee. This lot, produced by the highest elevation farms & brought down through steep and arduous terrain on the back of donkeys, is exceptionally fruit-forward and sweet.

Uganda is located in prime coffee growing geography – situated on the equator, bordered by the famous producing countries of Rwanda and Kenya and rich with the mountainous, humid & fertile terrain necessary for coffee production. Yet due to the logistical and administrative challenges in coffee purchasing, this origin has often been tragically overlooked by speciality coffee buyers, favouring its more famous and (sometimes) more straightforward neighbours.

Yet Uganda is not to be overlooked – capable of producing some incredible coffees with distinctive flavours unique even in the diverse panoply of coffee styles found in East Africa.