Kenya Sky Raiser

Tasting Notes





About this Coffee

From the shadow of Mount Kenya, where nutrient-rich volcanic soil sparks flourishing flavor. Sky Raiser is the pinnacle of Kenyan coffee, beaming with bright blackberry, honey, and citric flavors that make their mark with each passing sip.

Story of the Bean

Grown in Central Kenya’s Murang’a County and nestled between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range, the region’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil and cool climate cultivate coffees that burst with vibrant flavor. This fully-washed coffee is processed at Wahundura Factory, a centralized coffee factory, or wet mill, where over 1,100 smallholder farmers contribute cherry to be washed, processed, and shipped for sale to the nearby capital city Nairobi.

Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1,600 to 1,800 MASL
Region: Murang’a, Central Kenya