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Indonesia Single Origin

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About this Coffee

About Our Indonesian Single Origin
This single origin is one smooth operator.

Indonesian Sumatra coffee is renowned for its rich, deep, syrupy sweetness paired with spicy cinnamon and nutmeg tasting notes and rustic earthy aromas.

Our Indonesia Single Origin Nespresso compatible capsules are characterized by a complex flavour, low acidity, and long finish.


How to Enjoy

Our Indonesian Single Origin is perfect as an espresso or a lungo. And you can enjoy the warm, rich aromas with or without milk. Without milk, drink it as a pure and simple espresso; with milk, enjoy as a latte or flat white.


Our Capsules
Moving Beans Nespresso®-compatible compostable coffee pods are fully biodegradable. They contain no harmful plastic or aluminium and are made completely from plant-based materials.

Once used, you can throw the whole capsule into your general waste or food waste collection bin!