George Street Blend

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About this Coffee

Certified organic by the Soil Association, George Street Blend is our go-to house coffee. Strong enough to shine through milk, George Street is carefully roasted to highlight the coffee’s robust, natural flavours while also pushing it to have a deep sweetness that helps create a syrupy body. This version of our mainstay blend was created by combining two coffees from different sides of the world: the Colombian coffee Los Vascos and the Ethiopian Jiramato. Together, they offer a crowd-pleasing combination of sweetness and strength.

Los Vascos is a cooperative of producers who work together under the name ASOTBILBAO. Each producer has a small farm, lush with coffee trees and nature reserves – a combination that makes the area look more like jungle than farmland. The cool weather of this mountainous region creates a terroir that is known for its deep butterscotch sweetness and light fruitiness.

Jiramato isn’t the first time we’ve used an Ethiopian coffee in George Street, but it is the first time in over four years. Ethiopia is one of our favourite origins because of its often complex, vibrantly fruity coffees. But the Jiramato shows that Ethiopian coffee can be not only bursting with acidity, but also full of calm, balanced and caramel-like flavours. It’s absolutely delicious.