Aluminium Nespresso® Compatible Capsules: Espresso House Blend

About this Coffee

Rich and balanced – discover the unique taste of Japanese craftsmanship with our signature blend. Our rich roast in capsule form, ready at the push of a button.

Notes of caramel, granola and dark chocolate. Our House Blend is a balanced coffee with lower acidity, perfected over decades by our Japanese coffee masters.

Our House Blend aluminium Nespresso® compatible capsules have been responsibly sourced from across the bean belt, the geographical area that sits between the two topics of Cancer and Capricorn. We have created blends – which will remain secret to preserve the work of our Japanese coffee masters – from our longstanding relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives across different countries.

Our House Blend aluminium Nespresso® compatible capsules are 100% certified by Rainforest Alliance – giving you assurance that your coffee is sourced from sustainable coffee producing communities.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international, non-profit organisation; working to protect forests, help improve the livelihoods of farmers and communities, and tackle climate change.