Cafeina Blend

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About this Coffee

A deliciously smooth and rich Brazilian coffee with hints of dark chocolate and apricot.

Cafeina Blend has a deliciously rich character. Imagine silky dark chocolate melting on your tongue. These flavours are further complimented by an apricot jam sweetness and a mild, creamy acidity that perfectly matches the mouthfeel. This coffee has been produced by Adalgisa Vilela, Julia Figueiredo and Elza Leopoldino as part of a gender equity project. They are members of Cafeina, a Brazilian women’s group founded in 2018. The group is now 300 members strong, and many of the women have since reported gaining visibility in front of their families.

Adalgisa is from a traditional family of coffee farmers. After taking a technologist course in coffee management, she now runs the farm with her husband, Gilson. Julia is a fourth-generation coffee farmer. But before working in the industry herself, she studied Psychology at university. Elza worked on coffee plantations from a young age. After marrying her husband, Alfonso, she worked with him on a large farm for 18 years until they saved enough money to buy their own coffee farm. Cafeina is an outstanding testament to the work of all three women.