Assembly House Single Espresso

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About this Coffee

The seasonal Assembly House Espresso is the clearest demonstration of the value we aim to create for specialty coffee industry stakeholders, and the sincere narratives we highlight for the specialty movement.

We source our House Espresso to celebrate the diversity of coffee. We source it to define what quality coffee is, and what that means to everyone involved.

By rotating the coffee throughout the year, we make accessible multiple premium coffees at competitive prices. And by working closely with the same producers over multi-year contracts, not only do we deliver consistent impact, we’re constantly refining and improving to dial in on the formula for the perfect espresso.

This season’s House Espresso is an exclusive blend of naturally-processed Caturra and Catuai microlots from renowned Panamanian farm Finca Santa Teresa.

In the cup this coffee is packed full of sweet spice and dried fruit flavours, carried by a chocolate cake base and dense body.

Producer — Finca Santa Teresa
Region — Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Panama
Terroir — 1400-1600 masl, 23-31 degrees Celcius, tropical maritime climate
Process — Natural
Varietals — Caturra, Catuai
Tastes like
Rum + Chocolate cake + Dense