Blue Bottle Coffee

17ft Ceiling Espresso

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About this Coffee

Named for the building specs in our Mint Plaza cafe in San Francisco, this espresso blend is pure pleasure. We reverse-engineered a blue-collar Italian espresso blend (yes, Robusta!) with high-quality organic coffee to make a sturdy, crema-heavy, and unpretentious espresso. If Hayes Valley Espresso is like consuming a volume of In Search of Lost Time in liquid form, then 17ft Ceiling is like flipping through The New Yorker—edifying without being overly taxing.

All of our blends (both the individual components and the blend itself) are tested weekly by our professional tasters to ensure quality and deliciousness.
For our whole bean coffee, we’re devoted to our freshness goal: shipping out coffee within 48 hours of roasting. (It’s usually even less.)
Cupping spoons and a practiced palate are the key instruments of our Quality Control team, who taste, evaluate, and refine our coffees every day.
Certified Organic by CCOF
All shipping emissions offset with investments in projects to reduce greenhouse gases.